Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Alleriges and A Lot of Knitting

I have felt like I had a cold for the past week, my allergies have been horrible lately (itchy ears, sneezing...) I'm not sure what I am allergic to (I am going to make an appointment with an allergist soon), but this is the worst it's ever been for me. I started taking claritin about a week ago, I had been taking zyrtec before for about a year, but it doesn't seem to do anything anymore. I've also been taking sudafed almost every day. I hope this ends soon!

I will stop complaining now and talk about something i love, knitting! For the past week I have been going a bit yarn/knitting crazy. I went to my local yarn store twice in three days, and I have spent sooo many hours knitting. My main project was a cowl for my friend's birthday (visit her on etsy at http://ellysprout.etsy.com). I couldn't decide on a pattern for the longest time and I kept trying different things out. I ripped out my knitting for this project at least ten times, usually when I was practically done knitting the cowl. I am finally happy with it after a week of trying! It is made of beautiful soft super bulky purple yarn (50% wool, 50% acrylic Sundae by Berroco). I made the cowl in a simple garter stitch, and i knitted it as a scarf and then grafted the two ends together to make a twist (a mobius cowl). What do you guys think of it? Should I make one to sell on etsy?

I have also been going sock crazy! I love sock yarn, it is so much fun and comes in so many fun colors, self striping is really fun too! A few months ago I finished my first sock, and I just recently started on it's pair. I am aiming to knit at least 5 rows a day in the sock, if I do meet that goal I can finish it in about a month...hopefully I will be able to finish it before then. Here is a picture of my progress and my finished sock!

I am currently also working on a blanket for myself and a sweater for the charity warm woolies (http://www.warmwoolies.org/). I've knit a few small vests and sweaters for them in the past few months and once I finish the sweater I am going to send it all in. This is the first sweater I have ever knit so hopefully it will go well (i will post pictures and talk more about these projects in another blog post).

I just listed this super cute watermelon rose pink and green swarovski bracelet, what do you think of it? http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=30941492


  1. Wow, I love your sock! I haven't felt brave enough yet to try a sock... or anything round! That cowl is really cute, too!

  2. The sock is great! I'd love to be able to knit my own socks, how clever!

    I take garlic & horse-radish pills for my allergies and they seem to work when the real drugs don't :-)

  3. Horseradish does clear up things, maybe I'll just eat some (I love the stuff) Jac-Ber Creations.

    Thanks RedRedCompletelyRed! Don't be scare to try circular knitting. It is actually very easy once you understand it (you just keep knitting in a circle, you don't have to switch directions at all!). I would first try something like a hat in the round on circular needles, then try something like a hand warmer on double pointed needles (it's the same as knitting in the round but you use 4-5 needles), and then once you get good at that you can try a sock. I bought the book "Knitting Socks" by Ann Budd and I like it a lot, the directions are very clear and it gives you a lot of options with sock knitting, it's how i learned.

  4. those are gorgeous socks!!! i don't like knitting and never attempted to crochet a sock yet.

  5. Thanks so much! I never really thought about crocheting a sock. I'm not as good at crocheting as knitting so it probably wouldn't turn out very well.

  6. The cowl is mad awesome. It is a lifesaver on gross long bus trips.

    You're super awesome Jenny!