Monday, November 16, 2009

A Lot of Glue

Above is one of my newest designs. Black and White Scrabble tile pendant.
Life has finally calmed down and I am back to the blog.
Lately it feels like I am constantly covered in ink and glue. I recently started making scrabble tile pendants (check them out here)and hand painted pendants (here). It is so much fun! I love coming up with cute designs to put on the pendants. The only drawback is that my hands don't want to get clean. I was scrubbing at ink on my thumb for about three days before it finally all came off.
If anyone has a tip for cleaning let me know in the comments!

This is one of the new scrabble tile pendants (adorable penguin) The circle pendant is one of the hand painted pendants (cute cupcake)


  1. Would follow your blog, but today blogspot doesn't seem to want to display your follow button...will try again later.

  2. thanks! Yea blogspot can be a bit weird about that sometimes.

  3. Returned, just like I promised. The "follow" button is up and running now so I'm following you. :)

  4. Barrier Cream helps keep stuff like ink, paints, charcoal and such off your skin. It's like an invisible rubber glove. :]